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Backround Edit

Philip is 13 year old American who lives in new York city,he is a huge nerd and a skilled hacker,however,his favorite thing in the world is the digimon virtual pet toy,one day while he was attending the 2011 national v-pet tournament,he stumbled on an unidentified black digivice with a flash drive and touch screen,he then was attacked by a crowd of troopmon,suddenly the new digivice flashed and his v-pet cutemon came out and saved him.

Personality Edit

Philip is very shy,especially around girls,and is somewhat lazy,however he can be very brave when his friends are in danger,he is also very intelligent and uses that in cutemons battle style,he can think up a strategy in an instant and usually comes up many backup plans.

Appearance Edit

He has messy blonde hair and grey eyes,he usually wears a red t-shirt with gray sleeves and red shorts,he wears big glasses and is very thin,he is also very short for his age and is sometimes mistaken for a fourth grader.

Omega cells Edit

When Philip is under severe emotional or physical stress,his body will activate the omega cells,cells which make the body faster stronger and smarter,this can allow Philip to transfer his omega force to cutemon to give it a boost in power which is comparable to an ultimate/perfect(perfect in japan).

Digimon partner Edit

His digimon partner is cutemon,when he first met Phil he was considered useless due to him sleeping constantly,even mid-battle,this led Phil to never use him,but Phil discovered that cutemon sleeps so much because he is hiding tremendous power,over time their relation ship changes to a brotherly one. cutemon is somewhat of a coward and runs away from a lot of fights,but when his friends are around he feels strong and will initiate digixros.

Digixros forms for cutemon Edit

  • shoucutemon-a digixros form with shoutmon.
  • G-cutemon-a digixros with knightmon,jijimon,persiamon,pawnchessmon,chibikamemon and dondonmon,it is massive in size and power and can wipe out an entire army in a matter of seconds.

Cutemons evolution Edit

  • omegacutemon,a taller cutemon with golden armor he carries a guitar as a weapon And plays it to deal damage.

Cutemons attacks Edit

  • wound healing-heals minor wounds
  • immediate healing-heals fatal wounds in a matter of seconds
  • ultrasonic wave-sings at high frequency to deal immense damage to all around it.