I found this on a DigiBelievers site, and I wanted to see if anyone believed it.

Real ProofEdit

Here is the story of THIS Digital World; please read this before you go any further.

Near fifty years ago, an independent organization operating is Northern Japan discovered that the vast connection capacity of the Internet had produced the first artificial life - it acted, thought, and functioned on it's own. It began as altered data - almost like a computer virus, it substantiated it's own existance by consuming other data.

This being came to be called a Digital Monster, and was researched for only a year before funding was cut for the program.

Ten years ago, the first Bio-Emergence occured. A small Digimon, not too dangerous, transgressed between this artificial reality and the Real World.The government panicked and a detection and protection organization was established near instantly, as well as a research team. This Digimon as the researcher's called it was indeed alive, although compiled of excess data.

However, the fact that it was not harmful confused the researchers; until the Digimon spoke, and explained everything.

In DWT (Digital World Time), near 50 years pass for 1 that passes in the Real World. Digimon developed, got stronger, and eventually severed their reality from our own, creating a parallel. The next step, naturally, was to meet their creator. Digimon by nature feel a desire to be with a Tamer (or Human Partner) to raise them and 'battle' with them.

In the Digital World, it is a system of deletion - delete or be deleted. Digimon that delete others become stronger, essentially substantiating survival of the fittest. They are concious, and their personalities vary.

Within a year, the government had established a Digital World Operations Squad, and began fighting on both fronts, hiding these bio-emergences of Digimon seeking Tamers, unable to prevent them from happening. Digimon that meet their Tamers become partners with them, and they are given the option to work with the DWO, or to go to the Digital World - or to send their Digimon back.

Most join the Tamer Union in the Digital World and help ensure the safety of both Digimon and Humans, but some do not. Digimon seek out Tamers with similar personalities - and some are dark and sinister, and use power abusively.

Lately, there seems to have been an outbreak of bio-emergences that are not Digimon seeking Tamers, but instead corrupt, violent Digimon. This is causing many more problems for the DWO...

I hope this clears up some confusion as to the background of the site. However, this background is not complete as of yet.