Ty is the leader of the TamersUnite.

Background Edit

Ty began as the leader of TheDigiDestined8. After the DD8 merged with TheChosenChildren, he remained leader. He explained in a video that his partner, Terramon, who had started off as an Agumon, had been around for years.

Ty has been best friends with his 2nd in command, Will, since they were children.

Gear Edit

Like earlier DigiDestined leaders, Ty uses goggles, and possesses the Crest of Courage. He mentioned having a Dark DigiDestined opposite, who originally had a BlackAgumon, and the Crest of Fear. Ty also mentioned using the D-Tector Digivice.

Downfall Edit

Ty eventually admitted to trolling, proving that he (and the entire group) had been lying the whole time. It wasn't hard to spot, though, since no actual Digimon footage was ever taken, and he kept forgetting that he wasn't in a cartoon (i.e. "They might think he's a kid in a costume," referring to Terramon on Halloween). The only evidence of contact with Digimon were stories about fantastic events that were, at that point, impossible to prove. A common excuse for not showing Terramon himself was that he was camera shy.


He, along with the rest of the DD8, have come back. We shall see how they do this time.